My Most Frequently Had Conversation

This definitely happens more here than it did in the capital… but it’s still way more frequent than normal. Anyway, this morning I went to the bakery to grab some breakfast for Josh and I. And this is how the conversation went:

Me: I’ll have one acma and one poaca please.
Cashier: Oh, you speak the langauge nicely, how long have you been here?
Me: Around 15 months.
Cashier: Where did you learn?
Me: In the capital.
Cashier: Oh, well what are you doing here?
Me: My husband is a photographer.
Cashier: YOU’RE MARRIED?!?!
Me: Yes, I’m married.
Cashier: But you look like a child.
Me: Um, actually I’m 27.
Cashier: Are you serious?!?!

So, I’m not sure how to look my age or if I want to, really. But this conversation is hilarious every time. And now that I have an obvious baby bump, do they really think I’m still in high school?

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