26 Weeks and Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Resurrection Day!! What better way to celebrate the new life we have in Christ than a baptism, right? Well, that’s what we did on Saturday…. or what we were observers of, rather. There are two new sisters at our local church here and we got to celebrate their new lives with them! That was pretty awesome. Then we spent yesterday at church celebrating and rejoicing and fellowshiping to remember Christ’s resurrection and what it means for us. It was a good day…. long, but good.

So, last Friday was 26 weeks and we got to go to the doctor again! Baby boy was totally uncooperative, though. He was lying sideways facing my spine the whole time. We only got one picture of his sweet face. He was sucking his thumb the whole time, too…. bad habits start early, I guess 🙂

He already has pudgy cheeks! I love it 🙂 I think every time we go in and have an ultrasound, the docror ends up laughing at him for some reason… either he moves so much she can’t measure or he throws his hands in his face every time she tries to see him. At least it’s entertaining.

As for me, I’m feeling pretty good and I definitely feel like I’m growing lots… some of it in places I would prefer not to grow 🙂 I think my hips are getting wider, joy. But at least that means my body is getting ready for natural birth! I’m definitely in maternity clothes and after our visit to the capital last week, I came home with bags full of clothes on loan from a few friends who’ve recently had a baby. Such a huge blessing! I think my drawers are more full now with maternity clothes than they ever were with my normal stuff.

Last week was a bit busy for us…. two trips to the hospital then leaving town for 3 days… so I don’t feel like I really got to exercise or anything and I can tell this week. My muscles just feel tight and not good all over. So, this morning the weather was amazing and while Josh went for a run I had a nice brisk walk on the beach, which felt amazing. I’m definitely starting to notice more aches and pains, especially my hips and lower back. I knew this would happen I just didn’t know how much I would complain about it! Poor Josh!

I really think the pictures don’t do it justice. I promise it’s way bigger….

One thought on “26 Weeks and Happy Resurrection Day!

  1. You look BEAUTIFUL! 🙂 Yay for entertaining ultrasounds – isn’t it fun to see glimpses of their personality even now? So sweet! And yes… pregnancy aches and pains… oh glory… when I get to heaven… me and Eve are going to have a conversation about the fall and curse of pain in child bearing. Amen? Amen.

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