Another Hospital Adventure

I’m really hoping our inability to figure out hospitals here has more to do with the fact that we’ve seriously not had much experience with them in the states and not that we’re totally incompetent.

This morning we went in for my glucose screening and just normal blood panel. I hate giving blood and was not terribly excited about it. Nor was I excited about the fact that I hadn’t had anything to eat since dinner last night. Anyway… in the capital, when I get blood taken, I just go to the big lab and so my doctor told me just to find a lab here for the test. Of course, that leads us to think we should go to the hospital and find the lab. So we did… and we were informed that they just process things there, I need to get the blood taken somewhere else first and then it’ll get sent there. Oh, thanks.

So, we ask a few more people where to go and end up a few floors up in the right place. Only, they’re not open yet. OOps. When they do open (we only waited 10 minutes ish), I go in with my doctor’s note and she can’t find my name in the system. Apparently, I have to go get admission papers or something. So we do that, pay the bill (before we do anything, weird), then go back to t he blood place. Two tubes and then they gave me the glucose mix. I’ve only heard stories from the states about it and from what I assume, it’s way different here. Do you remember those fun dip things from when we were kids…. the drink tasted like the stick part ground up and mixed in water. And it may have been. We actually had to go buy a bottle of water and she just mixed in the powder. I think we were there for over 2 hours, an hour of which was spent wandering around finding the right place.

Anyway, after they took the last sample an hour later we left and were thinking they’d just give the results to the doctor when she called. Nope. Apparently not. So we had to go back and ask 3 more people where we go to get results and end up back at the same desk we paid at and they just printed them out. At least that was easy. They didn’t even ask for identification (which could have more to do with the fact that I am probably the only blonde they’ve seen in months).

Otherwise, my day was pretty uneventful. Josh spend 2 hours with the neighbor getting bills switched into our name…. and I stayed home and rested since we woke up early for once (pathetic, I know). Oh! Our neighbor did come over to say hi and wanted to see our curtains…. I informed her politely that our house was a wreck, maybe some other time. Nope, she wouldn’t have it. So she walked through our totally trashed house. Wonderful. She probably thinks we’re slobs.

I did find our a restaurant here makes one of my favorite foods (I’d only seen it one place before in the capital) and we spent some time enjoying the weather at the beach. So it was a good day in the end.

So, I'm trying not to drink much caffine for baby boy's sake... but I feel so rude declining tea! I always end up asking for super watered down tea, but at least I'm being culturally appropriate!

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