Well, that was unexpected.

So, it’s Sunday and like usual, we got ready and headed out this morning… Josh to pick everyone up, me to go with our friends to church to help set up. I usually just hang out in the kitchen and learn what I can about how to fix various national foods and chat before everyone arrives. So, this morning, I was just standing and chatting and kind of started feeling weak, so I sat down for a minute… then started feeling light headed, so I told my friend that I thought I should go lay down in the back. She helped me walk back there and as I was almost fainting, I bumped into every wall and door there was. My friend helped me get situated, opened the window, brought me water and a blanket, and told me just to lay still. So I did. And I still felt kind of iffy. At this point, my friend is convinced that I need to go to the hospital, so when Josh got there, we did.

Great Sunday morning adventure. We found our way (eventually) to the right room in the ER and I explained in my bad langauge that I’m 25 weeks pregnant and was pretty dizzy and almost fainted and I just wanted them to check my blood and make sure my sugar and iron levels were ok and if not, tell me what I should do. The nurse directed me to a cot and came to ask me lots of questions…. and after my blank stare response, she just repeated what I told her at first and then used a combination of simple langauge and sharades to get the information she needed. (My langauge really isn’t that bad, but I’ve never really done the whole hospital thing without someone who knows better language or an english speaking doctor)

Finger prick to check blood sugar… iv line put in to give me the syrup (I don’t know the english name?), then blood taken to test the iron (which was low, yep). An hour later, we left the hospital with me pumped full of whatever was in the syrup. All for the grand total of about $21.

And tomorrow, we get to go back! It’s glucose, full blood panel time. So I’ll get a matching needle prick in the other arm!


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