29 Weeks

We’re almost in the 30s and that is craziness. We don’t have a single piece of furniture for baby boy’s room nor have we painted it…. I guess it’s time to get crackin’. We’re hoping to get most of the stuff when we’re in the capital next week, so at least then I’ll feel more prepared 🙂

This week was another busy, crazy week but not near as crazy as last week! I’m definitely still exhausted though. I think that’s the new norm. I’ve still been able to work out consistently though, which I’m happy about. Nothing new to report, really. I didn’t gain any weight this week as of this morning, but I feel like Wednesday morning I was up a bit? Who knows. I’m in the healthy zone, so I’m not concerned. We go to the doctor next week and I can’t wait!! I’m really hoping he’s starting to turn himself into the right position  since he might get pretty cramped in there soon. He’s been moving a ton this week and it’s hilarious to watch. I think it freaks Josh out sometimes 🙂

And… this week’s funny story (ish). We try to help out with the youth/university age group at church and this week we were at the meeting and I heard my name from across the room. So, being the nosey person I am, I went over to see what they were saying. After assuring me they were saying only good things, the younger of the two asked how far along I was. When I said 6 and a half months ish, he was like, oh, yeah. See, you are very far along and you still do everything but the women here, when they’re pregnant, they just sit around and do nothing the whole time. It’s so weird that you do stuff.

Yeah, I’ve never been a sit around and do nothing kind of person and I think when I get to the point where that’s all I have the energy to do I am going to be bored out of my mind. Maybe it won’t happen 🙂 That would be nice.


My Mom is Awesome!

We got a package slip yesterday, but were hanging out with friends until after the post office closed…. so we waited a whole day to pick up our package! Oh, the anticipation 🙂 But, it was worth it! A few things for baby boy and random goodies for us. Don’t judge me for my poptarts. I have a slight obsession and I’ve only had them once since we moved overseas and that’s only because they randomly happened to have them in Prague.

And… the random christmas things. My mom used the card boxes to pack little stuff in, but they’ll totally make awesome decorations to put on shelves or soemthing. And… the two kid books are ‘Good Night, North Carolina’ and ‘Good Night, Virginia.’ I’m not sure where she found them, but I’m pretty excited about them!! They’re like the Good Night, Moon book, but with famous stuff from our states, which is awesome. Since baby boy will be growing up far from home, it’s nice to have things to show him what home is 🙂

Packages totally make my day!

We Found Trees!!

This was probably one of the longest weeks we’ve had here. Until Friday, we didn’t have time to think…. it was nuts. But it was great! By Friday, we were both ready to have a day off. So we did just that. We didn’t leave the house until probably 4 o’clock! And even then, we just went out in search of somewhere for Josh to take pictures. Somewhere not city-like where there may be trees or something nature-y. We drove up a couple wrong hills and found dead ends, but then FINALLY we found it!

And, to celebrate, I did a once-in-a-pregnancy jump shot:

It’s definitely been a while (ooooh, 6 months or so) since I’ve done one of these! But it was totally warranted. There’s only so much city a girl can take. I was sooo excited!

And, I generally don’t post terrible yet comic pictures of myself, but I laughed out loud when I saw the shot Josh captured as I was about to jump.  Hilarious.

What is with that face? I look terrified… no idea. Moving on. We stopped at the little parking lot for a few minutes to take some pics, but the fishermen there were staring at the crazy foreigners, so we moved on and walked around on the other side of the lake.

So pretty! It was wonderful. We spend a good 2 hours just wandering around, enjoying the nice weather and the smell of trees and animals.

And, we’re now hit 28 weeks! It’s going by so fast! This week I can definitely notice I’m getting somewhat closer to the end. I’ve definitely been sleeping more… by 10 most nights I am exhausted. And thanks to baby boy I get up a few times every night for a potty run. So, I’ve been sleeping til 9ish! Insane. Maybe not sleeping the whole time, but I’m at least resting 🙂 And I think my ribs are expanding or separating or something because they’re pretty sore. He’s not started kicking them yet, but I can only imagine.

Weird smile, not sure what’s up with that. And I think my face is getting chubby, but Josh says it looks the same as normal… so maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s the lighting. As of this morning, I’m up 7 kilos (15-16 pounds-ish). I think that’s on track from what I’ve read. Anyway. How ’bout some comparisons this week.

  What a difference 3 months makes. I don’t have a front shot from 13 weeks, so this was at 14 when my pants were sort of maybe starting to get tighter? It took a while. Anyway, he’s definitely way bigger in there 🙂 Obviously.

We are pretty slow with finding baby furniture… mainly because the capital has more options so we always wait til we go there. But we did find a pack-n-play online that we might just order (from a store in the capital, so really the same thing). AND still no cravings or aversions, which I think is a minor miracle. Though, I have had my share of easter candy lately thanks to Josh’s mom 🙂

About the Wine….

Ok, we all know that I don’t drink alcoholic beverages. Never have. Never will. The few times I’ve had to taste them, like when I was in Paris and we all had to try “real” wine, I seriously want to just spit it back out. On top of my convictions and reasons for not wanting to drink, I just really think it’s disgusting. I don’t know if Josh finds alcoholic drinks as repulsive as I do, but nevertheless, he also dislikes them and shares the same convictions.

So, imagine our surprise when, on Easter sunday, the communion plate is coming around and Josh gets my attention and mouths, “It’s real wine.” Um, ok. I’m pretty sure in my whole life as a follower of Christ this has never happened to me. Maybe because I’m baptist and too many people still try unsuccessfully to explain away the water-to-wine story… it wasn’t alcoholic wine, that’s just what it was called. Ha. Anyway,  So what am I supposed to do? I can’t not take communion, especially since I already have the little cup thingy in my hand (luckily I grabbed a less full one). We just held our breath and drank it. I felt like I got a whole lot, but when I looked down I realized I actually only had half of the miniscule cup. Bleh. My friend beside me just leaned over and jokingly said, “Well, I hope it’s okay for baby?!?!” Me, too.


Fast forward to this week. We went to another city to visit some new brothers and sisters and hang out for a bit and, since they don’t have a church in their city, they wanted to do communion with us while we were there. So, the younger brother goes to the store and comes back with, you guessed it, a bottle of wine. Here we go again. Luckily, our friend who is from here was able to explain that we don’t drink and in our church we don’t use wine…. and because of the baby he was only going to give me a tiny bit, but that didn’t mean I didn’t appreciate it or that I didn’t completely take part in the communion. So, again, I just held my breath and drank it.


Apparently, it’s normal here for churches to use wine… ours just usually does grape or cherry juice so we didn’t know to expect it. I mean, I think outside of the baptist world it’s normal in America, too? We found out later they only use wine at our church on big holidays…. so, I may mysteriously have to go on a potty break during communion on those days. Hehe.

My Most Frequently Had Conversation

This definitely happens more here than it did in the capital… but it’s still way more frequent than normal. Anyway, this morning I went to the bakery to grab some breakfast for Josh and I. And this is how the conversation went:

Me: I’ll have one acma and one poaca please.
Cashier: Oh, you speak the langauge nicely, how long have you been here?
Me: Around 15 months.
Cashier: Where did you learn?
Me: In the capital.
Cashier: Oh, well what are you doing here?
Me: My husband is a photographer.
Cashier: YOU’RE MARRIED?!?!
Me: Yes, I’m married.
Cashier: But you look like a child.
Me: Um, actually I’m 27.
Cashier: Are you serious?!?!

So, I’m not sure how to look my age or if I want to, really. But this conversation is hilarious every time. And now that I have an obvious baby bump, do they really think I’m still in high school?

Hello Third Trimester!

Well, it’s been a long week but it’s finally Friday and that means the week is practically over. And I have no motivation to write, so how ’bout some pictures.

We got our "Easter Basket" in the mail, complete with grass.

Our goodies from Josh's mom. Oh, so dangerous! And she found Jag season 8!!

He's definitely growing in there! And please ignore the hair.... it was one of those I-don't-want-to-dry-my-hair days...

Just for comparison sake.... and I really thought I was showing at 17 weeks! Ha.


26 Weeks and Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Resurrection Day!! What better way to celebrate the new life we have in Christ than a baptism, right? Well, that’s what we did on Saturday…. or what we were observers of, rather. There are two new sisters at our local church here and we got to celebrate their new lives with them! That was pretty awesome. Then we spent yesterday at church celebrating and rejoicing and fellowshiping to remember Christ’s resurrection and what it means for us. It was a good day…. long, but good.

So, last Friday was 26 weeks and we got to go to the doctor again! Baby boy was totally uncooperative, though. He was lying sideways facing my spine the whole time. We only got one picture of his sweet face. He was sucking his thumb the whole time, too…. bad habits start early, I guess 🙂

He already has pudgy cheeks! I love it 🙂 I think every time we go in and have an ultrasound, the docror ends up laughing at him for some reason… either he moves so much she can’t measure or he throws his hands in his face every time she tries to see him. At least it’s entertaining.

As for me, I’m feeling pretty good and I definitely feel like I’m growing lots… some of it in places I would prefer not to grow 🙂 I think my hips are getting wider, joy. But at least that means my body is getting ready for natural birth! I’m definitely in maternity clothes and after our visit to the capital last week, I came home with bags full of clothes on loan from a few friends who’ve recently had a baby. Such a huge blessing! I think my drawers are more full now with maternity clothes than they ever were with my normal stuff.

Last week was a bit busy for us…. two trips to the hospital then leaving town for 3 days… so I don’t feel like I really got to exercise or anything and I can tell this week. My muscles just feel tight and not good all over. So, this morning the weather was amazing and while Josh went for a run I had a nice brisk walk on the beach, which felt amazing. I’m definitely starting to notice more aches and pains, especially my hips and lower back. I knew this would happen I just didn’t know how much I would complain about it! Poor Josh!

I really think the pictures don’t do it justice. I promise it’s way bigger….

Another Hospital Adventure

I’m really hoping our inability to figure out hospitals here has more to do with the fact that we’ve seriously not had much experience with them in the states and not that we’re totally incompetent.

This morning we went in for my glucose screening and just normal blood panel. I hate giving blood and was not terribly excited about it. Nor was I excited about the fact that I hadn’t had anything to eat since dinner last night. Anyway… in the capital, when I get blood taken, I just go to the big lab and so my doctor told me just to find a lab here for the test. Of course, that leads us to think we should go to the hospital and find the lab. So we did… and we were informed that they just process things there, I need to get the blood taken somewhere else first and then it’ll get sent there. Oh, thanks.

So, we ask a few more people where to go and end up a few floors up in the right place. Only, they’re not open yet. OOps. When they do open (we only waited 10 minutes ish), I go in with my doctor’s note and she can’t find my name in the system. Apparently, I have to go get admission papers or something. So we do that, pay the bill (before we do anything, weird), then go back to t he blood place. Two tubes and then they gave me the glucose mix. I’ve only heard stories from the states about it and from what I assume, it’s way different here. Do you remember those fun dip things from when we were kids…. the drink tasted like the stick part ground up and mixed in water. And it may have been. We actually had to go buy a bottle of water and she just mixed in the powder. I think we were there for over 2 hours, an hour of which was spent wandering around finding the right place.

Anyway, after they took the last sample an hour later we left and were thinking they’d just give the results to the doctor when she called. Nope. Apparently not. So we had to go back and ask 3 more people where we go to get results and end up back at the same desk we paid at and they just printed them out. At least that was easy. They didn’t even ask for identification (which could have more to do with the fact that I am probably the only blonde they’ve seen in months).

Otherwise, my day was pretty uneventful. Josh spend 2 hours with the neighbor getting bills switched into our name…. and I stayed home and rested since we woke up early for once (pathetic, I know). Oh! Our neighbor did come over to say hi and wanted to see our curtains…. I informed her politely that our house was a wreck, maybe some other time. Nope, she wouldn’t have it. So she walked through our totally trashed house. Wonderful. She probably thinks we’re slobs.

I did find our a restaurant here makes one of my favorite foods (I’d only seen it one place before in the capital) and we spent some time enjoying the weather at the beach. So it was a good day in the end.

So, I'm trying not to drink much caffine for baby boy's sake... but I feel so rude declining tea! I always end up asking for super watered down tea, but at least I'm being culturally appropriate!

Well, that was unexpected.

So, it’s Sunday and like usual, we got ready and headed out this morning… Josh to pick everyone up, me to go with our friends to church to help set up. I usually just hang out in the kitchen and learn what I can about how to fix various national foods and chat before everyone arrives. So, this morning, I was just standing and chatting and kind of started feeling weak, so I sat down for a minute… then started feeling light headed, so I told my friend that I thought I should go lay down in the back. She helped me walk back there and as I was almost fainting, I bumped into every wall and door there was. My friend helped me get situated, opened the window, brought me water and a blanket, and told me just to lay still. So I did. And I still felt kind of iffy. At this point, my friend is convinced that I need to go to the hospital, so when Josh got there, we did.

Great Sunday morning adventure. We found our way (eventually) to the right room in the ER and I explained in my bad langauge that I’m 25 weeks pregnant and was pretty dizzy and almost fainted and I just wanted them to check my blood and make sure my sugar and iron levels were ok and if not, tell me what I should do. The nurse directed me to a cot and came to ask me lots of questions…. and after my blank stare response, she just repeated what I told her at first and then used a combination of simple langauge and sharades to get the information she needed. (My langauge really isn’t that bad, but I’ve never really done the whole hospital thing without someone who knows better language or an english speaking doctor)

Finger prick to check blood sugar… iv line put in to give me the syrup (I don’t know the english name?), then blood taken to test the iron (which was low, yep). An hour later, we left the hospital with me pumped full of whatever was in the syrup. All for the grand total of about $21.

And tomorrow, we get to go back! It’s glucose, full blood panel time. So I’ll get a matching needle prick in the other arm!