25 Weeks and It’s Spring (kind of)

So, spring began sometime recently…. and to celebrate I wore short sleeves on Monday. I thought we were just going to lunch, run a few errands, then head home. And, thanks to the sickness of last week, we decided to drive instead of walking, so I didn’t think a jacket was necessary. It was a bit chilly out, but it felt nice in the sun and I thought I’d be ok.

Lunch was good, then we went on errand number one to the photo studio and Josh’s friend called and wanted to hang out with us. So, of course we went. He’s fun and he brought some female friends for me to meet, so we were excited. After the last few errands we made our way to the mall the meet them and decided to walk down the beach to a tea place. It was still chilly out, but sunny and walking felt nice. Well, fastfoward a few hours when we’re leaving the tea place and, at the same time, remember the previous post about black sea weather. We got up to leave and you could barely even see the sea from the beach road because it was so nasty out and the wind was insane and it was FREEZING! And I had no jacket. So, Josh gave me his… and his friend gave him his… and we all walked back to the mall shivering. Lesson learned, even if it’s 80 and sunny, take a jacket. Check.

It’s actually been a decent week here, but nothing eventful except we got our visa!!!!!!!!! Ha, like that’s a small thing. We’re excited to be able to live here longer 🙂 And it takes a ton of stress off and now we can concentrate on getting ready for baby boy’s arrival in 15 short weeks. Nuts.

Definitely obvious I”m pregnant now. When we went to get our visas this week the lady got mad at me for walking through the security machine. Apparently when you’re pregnant (at least when you start to show), you get to go around those. Yay! And you can definitely see the roundness from the front now! That’s weird. My belly button is starting to poke out too… interesting. And I’ve been wearing non-maternity clothes til today, but we bought some jeans at a local store this week and I wore them today for the first time and it totally feels like I’m just wearing sweat pants or something. Definitely a fan. And my mom has be outfitted with lots of tops and I think this one is my new favorite. It’s super soft and it can have short sleeves or long. So comfy. Hm, I think I’m on track with my weight gain now? I’ve not been doing as well with weighing myself first thing in the morning, but when I weighed myself after lunch today I’m up a kilo since the last doctor’s appointment, which is what she said I should gain in a month and it’s been a month. Whew. Gestational diabetes test is next week and I’m nervous…. bleh. But they’ll also be checking my iron, so I’m excited about that. Pretty sure I’m anemic and I think iron pills will make me more awake! I’ve been so tired lately.

And for comparison sake:

Whoa, long update. And food is on its way (because we were lazy and ordered). And baby boy is kicking, so I guess he’s hungry too 🙂


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