So, we’ve gotten a lot of packages over the course of the year and a few months we’ve been overseas. When we were in the capital, they put a little slip in our box and we just went to the local post office to pick it up. No biggie. Apparently things are different here.

Yesterday, while I was taking a bath and Josh was still sleeping, someone rang our doorbell. As neither of us could have made ourselves presentable quick enough, we just let it ring, assuming it was a neighbor or someone that would come back. When we went out for lunch, we notice a little slip from the post office stuck to our door. We were pretty excited (because it’s the first one to come here…. an we weren’t sure how fast it would make it). So, after lunch we went to the post office with our slip. I noticed on the way the box that was checked was the equivalent of a registered letter and was kind of confused, but who knows. Maybe they checked the wrong box?

We get there and wait in the crazy line for 20 minutes (there was never a line for packages in the capital) and then this sweet lady calls us out of line because we’re picking somehting up, not dropping off. But, they just dropped the paper off today, whatever it is that came is still riding around in the truck and won’t be back until 5pm, when the office closes.

We went back this morning and the same sweet lady is there, so we chit chat about why we’re here, tell her we’re expecting and she offers to watch the baby any time because she’s retiring soon. Yep. The whole time we’re talking, the security guard police officer man is standing right next to me listening in…. which generally wouldn’t bother me except for all the craziness lately. I just tried to pretend like I didn’t know he was there. I know we’re not doing anything even remotely bad – hello, we’re picking up a package – but police in general just creep me out.

Anyway, Josh is talking to the other lady who finds what came for us and…. drumroll please… it’s a registered letter. From the post office. Um, what? The sweet lady I was talking to was like, you cna go ahead and open it, it means something else came, but maybe I can help you to knwo where to go. So, inside the mystery envelope is another little slip of paper not too different from what they put on our door telling us that we do have a package, it’s at the other post office in town.

Why in the world they didn’t just put a sticky on our door telling us to go there in the first place I do not know. We’ll head to the other one this afternoon, I suppose. I think it’s the package from my mom with fun baby stuff!! So, we’ll be sure to post pictures. And, at least we met a nice friend 🙂

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