23 Weeks

Wow, two on time posts in a row! This is a big deal!! Nothing terribly exciting this week, just growing and finally experiencing normal things like having trouble sleeping and achy hips. Woo hoo. The last time we were in the capital we forgot to get the body pillow thing at the baby store and now I’m totally wishing we had. Next time, for sure!

Still no real cravings or aversions… I mean, I’m always picky, so of course I still have an aversion to peas. But what’s new. I’m still wearing my normal clothes with just rubber bands on the buttons. I have had to break out the belly band for one pair of pants! Ha. A few shirts are getting short, but the maternity stuff is still kind of big. I guess I’m in the weird in-between stage? I think it’s obvious the belly has grown, but just for comparison sake:

I think the lighting is way brighter in the recent pic… and it amkes my arms look thicker, but I don’t actually think they are. And my face. I honestly don’t think I’ve gained that much anywhere else. Maybe I have… I’ll have to ask Josh (which means, no, because he knows better than to say yes). We did get new batteries for the scale! Yay! But our schedule this week has been odd and I’ve only weighed myself once and it was late afternoon, but I think I’m up about 5.5 kilos-ish (12 pounds)? I’ve been able to work out more consistently this week, too, since we were finally actually home for a full week!

In other news, we are learning about the crazy black sea weather today. We’ve always heard people talk about how terrible the weather is here and how much it shifts in a short time… definitely the case today. We woke up adn it was clear for the first time all week. Beautiful day. We could see a crazy storm out on the sea, but thought it was moving out… nope. about an hour later, it was like a blizzard outside. Then, when we at lunch it was sunny and nice again, so we went out to find the place to pay our bills. As soon as we walked out the door it started snowing/hailing again and it HURT! Then about 20 minutes later, sunny again, so we went to the mall. While we were there, the bottom fell out. This is the pattern for the day. Bleh. So ready for spring!!!

See the storm out there with the normal sky above us.... so weird. But I guess that's the new normal.

We also finally got pictures printed and on the wllas this week! Yeah! It’s starting to look like a home in here. We’re still working on baby room furniture since Ikea discontinued the line we wanted (and I’m not happy about it). We’ll try to get pictures of the apartment up soon.


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