22 Weeks

Can you believe it? 22 weeks… I feel like the pregnancy is going soooo fast! He’s kicking tons and Josh is able to feel it (and see him move) now! How fun is that?

We spent last weekend in the mountains with some friends for a retreat of sorts and had some free time in the afternoon. Josh and I tried to go walking and quickly determined there was waaaaay too much mud for that, so we borrowed snow shoes from the owners and went trapsing through the woods! It was amazing. It’s so hard to find places here to hike or play outside. No one does the whole outdoor sports thing.

Anyway, we did have a good time… but both kind of feel like it wasn’t worth the 12 hours in the car to get there and back. I’m actually starting to feel pregnant and sitting in a car without reclining seats was not my idea of comfortable. If we go back it will definitely be for more than 2 nights.

So, I’m starting to feel pregnant. I knew before we were expecting that my back is terrible and it’s starting to be achy if I sit too long. Even more motivation to stay active! And I’m having to figure out new ways to sleep since I’m a stomach sleeper and can’t quite do that anymore (which is a new development… somehow I made it 21 weeks without having to change too much). Things have been so crazy lately, I’ve not been working out as consistently as I wanted to, but when we’re actually home and not busy. We still haven’t bought batteries for the scale (which is driving me crazy!), but I think I’m on track. I can tell my clothes are getting a bit tighter, but I tried on my maternity clothes this week because I really wanted to wear them and they’re still too big. I think this bump needs to grow for a few more weeks before they look like they’re swallowing me. And I’m still the strangest pregnant lady ever… no cravings or aversions. Which is kind of a blessing, honestly.

Our living situation is kind of up in the air (still), so we’ve not actually bought anything for the baby other than a onesie. I’m so ready to get all his furniture and get his room set up! Maybe soon. We’ll post pictures when we do!

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