21 Weeks, Military Police and Snow

How’s that for a random assortment of topics? I think I’ll go in reverse order.

The snow will not go away!!!!!!! We had to go back to our old city for a doctor appointment last week and got delayed going because there was a huge storm that came through and dumped 20ish inches there. Then, while we were there it snowed some more…. then as we were leaving it was snowing so bad we turned around and stayed one more night. It’s definitely been about 2 months of snow. Not here and there, but just constant never melting snow. At least our new city is on the coast, so it’s not white everywhere here. But if you drive 20 minutes in, you hit the snow again. Gross. I never thought I’d be sick of snow, but it has happened. For sure.

This was the view from our window the morning we left... the better weather day, believe it or not.

This is what I got to look at the whole way back today. It is beautiful, yes, but I'm so ready for flowers and leaves and springtime!

This is when I was really, really glad Josh grew up where he did. It doesn't look that bad, but then we'd hit crazy snow drifs that covered the whole road. And... there is a mountain right in front of us here, but you can't see it because it was snowing so hard.


So, as we’re driving in our van with plates from a city out east (where things are a bit more dicey), we get flagged down by the military police. Usually, we avoid them if at all possible. But, he’s flagging us down! What are we supposed to do?!?!?! So, I am just trying to stay calm and Josh pulls over and (I learned later) couldn’t think his heart was beating so fast. We roll the window down and the guy says, “Are you tourists?” We replied that we’re not, we actually live here. So, he calls his friends over and is like, “Oh, my friends here need to get to the next town, can you take them?” Phew. Josh jumped out and cleared our junk out of the seat for the guys to ride with us and off we went…

And, the whole reason for our travels this weekend was the doctor visit! We got to see our cute boy again and check up on him. He’s doing great and, again, moved around the WHOLE time we were there. At this point, all his organs are developed so our doctor did the detailed ultrasound to check on everything and he’s totally healthy. Thank you, Lord! And apparently my weight gain is exactly where it should be… she said I’ve only gained what the baby, fluid and other baby related things should weigh. Nothing extra for me so far. I think I’m up 10 or 11 pounds? But I’m definitely starting to show! We’ll have a pic next week!

Because it’s important to check his organs, the doctor also wanted us to go to another lab and get another detailed sonogram to check things again. She very kindly agreed to call and make the appointment for us to get us squeezed in before we needed to head back home.

So, yesterday morning we drove to the crazy part of town for the appointment in the mostrosity of a van that we have to drive for a few weeks. We made a few loops, drove by about 10 parking lots and all the street spots and could not find a spot or garage that could take the beast. We were afraid I was going to be late, so Josh just dropped me off and was planning to come in once he parked. Which never happened. He totally drove around the entire 45 minutes I was in there looking for somewhere to park the ridiculous van.

But, he didn’t miss much. The ultrasound wasn’t even as good as the one the doctor normally does becuase the tech was just rude. Not my favorite u/s for sure. She even used the ultrasound want to hit my stomach trying to get the baby to move three times. Ugh. Apparently he didn’t like her either since he was calm and still for once (and started kicking again as soon as I left).

So, no belly shot this week because we weren’t home and didn’t think about it. But, we do have pictures of our little man.

His cute little face (with a little cord in the way). It took her 4 tries with the 4D to get a shot of his face.

And this is why it took so many shots. She would find his face and turn on the 4D... and as soon as she did his foot or his hand or something would flip into view in front of his face. I guess he was camera shy. And, again, definitely going to be a soccer player like his Daddy.

And that’s the weekend.


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