25 Weeks and It’s Spring (kind of)

So, spring began sometime recently…. and to celebrate I wore short sleeves on Monday. I thought we were just going to lunch, run a few errands, then head home. And, thanks to the sickness of last week, we decided to drive instead of walking, so I didn’t think a jacket was necessary. It was a bit chilly out, but it felt nice in the sun and I thought I’d be ok.

Lunch was good, then we went on errand number one to the photo studio and Josh’s friend called and wanted to hang out with us. So, of course we went. He’s fun and he brought some female friends for me to meet, so we were excited. After the last few errands we made our way to the mall the meet them and decided to walk down the beach to a tea place. It was still chilly out, but sunny and walking felt nice. Well, fastfoward a few hours when we’re leaving the tea place and, at the same time, remember the previous post about black sea weather. We got up to leave and you could barely even see the sea from the beach road because it was so nasty out and the wind was insane and it was FREEZING! And I had no jacket. So, Josh gave me his… and his friend gave him his… and we all walked back to the mall shivering. Lesson learned, even if it’s 80 and sunny, take a jacket. Check.

It’s actually been a decent week here, but nothing eventful except we got our visa!!!!!!!!! Ha, like that’s a small thing. We’re excited to be able to live here longer ūüôā And it takes a ton of stress off and now we can concentrate on getting ready for baby boy’s arrival in 15 short weeks. Nuts.

Definitely obvious I”m pregnant now. When we went to get our visas this week the lady got mad at me for walking through the security machine.¬†Apparently when you’re pregnant (at least when you start to show), you get to go around those. Yay! And you can definitely see the roundness from the front now! That’s weird. My belly button is starting to poke out too… interesting. And I’ve been wearing non-maternity clothes til today, but we bought some jeans at a local store this week and I wore them today for the first time and it totally feels like I’m just wearing sweat pants or something. Definitely a fan. And my mom has be outfitted with lots of tops and I think this one is my new favorite. It’s super soft and it can have short sleeves or long. So comfy.¬†Hm, I think I’m on track with my weight gain now? I’ve not been doing¬†as well with weighing myself first thing in the morning, but when I weighed myself after lunch today I’m up a kilo since the last doctor’s appointment, which is what she said I¬†should¬†gain in a month and it’s been a month. Whew. Gestational diabetes test is next week and I’m nervous…. bleh. But they’ll also be checking my iron, so I’m excited about that. Pretty sure¬†I’m anemic and I think iron pills will make me more awake! I’ve been so tired lately.

And for comparison sake:

Whoa, long update. And food is on its way (because we were lazy and ordered). And baby boy is kicking, so I guess he’s hungry too ūüôā


24 Weeks

Yesterday was 24 weeks…. but I was not feeling so hot (and still not completely feeling better). So, we just took the picture today.

And there he is. Growing still and being crazy the past few days. With my upset stomach, I¬†wonder if¬†he can feel all the gurgling goin on in there and it’s making¬†him move more?¬†I felt better enough for a bit today¬†to get my hair cut… not my favorite cut ever, and I think I’m going to have to have Josh trim the bottom layer the¬†next time I wash my hair, but all in all it’s not bad. I think my hair is just so different they don’t know what to do with it.

This week was pretty good minus the getting sick part. I was able to work out or go for a decent walk most days, which makes me feel lots better. And, thanks to the sickness, I actually lost weight this week. Not good. So taking the weekend off from working out and just trying to eat well as much as I can.

Baby boy is developed and big enough now that if¬†for some reason¬†he decided to come super, super early, he has a chance of survival. That’s crazy! He’s still so little in there!

He’s Gonna be Spoiled!

So, we did get our package! Yay!

And it was mostly full of fun things for baby boy…. when I say fun, I mean for me, like clothes and sleepers and such ūüôā Such a huge blessing because simple things like onesies are soooo expensive here! So, here’s the beginning of baby boy’s wardrobe:

Of course, there were a few things in there for Josh and I too…. you know, the¬†essentials like nerds and koolaid and handi-snacks.¬†American things I’ve not eaten since middle school that I all the¬†sudden really, really wanted.




So, we’ve gotten a lot of packages over the course of the year and a few months we’ve been overseas. When we were in the capital, they put a little slip in our box and we just went to the local post office to pick it up. No biggie. Apparently things are different here.

Yesterday, while I was taking a bath and Josh was still sleeping, someone rang our doorbell. As neither of us could have made ourselves presentable quick enough, we just let it ring, assuming it was a neighbor or someone that would come back. When we went out for lunch, we notice a little slip from the post office stuck to our door. We were pretty excited (because it’s the first one to come here…. an we weren’t sure how fast it would make it). So, after lunch we went to the post office with our slip. I noticed on the way the box that was checked was the equivalent of a registered letter and was kind of confused, but who knows. Maybe they checked the wrong box?

We get there and wait in the crazy line for 20 minutes (there was never a line for packages in the capital) and then this sweet lady calls us out of line because we’re picking somehting up, not dropping off. But, they just dropped the paper off today, whatever it is that came is still riding around in the truck and won’t be back until 5pm, when the office closes.

We went back this morning and the same sweet lady is there, so we chit chat about why we’re here, tell her we’re expecting and she offers to watch the baby any time because she’s retiring soon. Yep. The whole time we’re talking, the security guard police officer man is standing right next to me listening in…. which generally wouldn’t bother me except for all the craziness lately. I just tried to pretend like I didn’t know he was there. I know we’re not doing anything even remotely bad – hello, we’re picking up a package –¬†but police in general just creep me out.

Anyway, Josh is talking to the other lady who finds what came for us and…. drumroll please… it’s a registered letter. From the post office. Um, what? The sweet lady I was talking to was like, you cna go ahead and open it, it means something else came, but maybe I can help you to knwo where to go. So, inside the mystery envelope is another little slip of paper not too different from what they put on our door telling us that we do have a package, it’s at the other post office in town.

Why in the world they didn’t just put a sticky on our door telling us to go there in the first place I do not know. We’ll head to the other one this afternoon, I suppose. I think it’s the package from my mom with fun baby stuff!! So, we’ll be sure to post pictures. And, at least we met a nice friend ūüôā

23 Weeks

Wow, two on time posts in a row! This is a big deal!! Nothing terribly exciting this week, just growing and finally experiencing normal things like having trouble sleeping and achy hips. Woo hoo. The last time we were in the capital we forgot to get the body pillow thing at the baby store and now I’m totally wishing we had. Next time, for sure!

Still no real cravings or aversions… I mean, I’m always picky, so of course¬†I still¬†have an aversion to peas. But what’s new.¬†I’m still wearing my normal clothes with just rubber bands on the¬†buttons. I have had to break out the belly band for one pair of pants!¬†Ha. A few shirts are getting short, but the maternity stuff is¬†still kind of big. I guess¬†I’m in the weird in-between stage?¬†I think it’s obvious the belly has grown, but just for comparison sake:

I think the lighting is way brighter in the recent pic… and it amkes my arms look thicker, but I don’t actually think they are. And my face. I honestly don’t think I’ve gained that much anywhere else. Maybe I have… I’ll have to ask Josh (which means, no, because he knows better than to say yes). We did get new batteries for the scale! Yay! But our schedule this week has been odd and I’ve only weighed myself once and it was late afternoon, but I think I’m up about 5.5 kilos-ish (12 pounds)? I’ve been able to work out more consistently this week, too, since we were finally actually home for a full week!

In other news, we are learning about the crazy black sea weather today. We’ve always heard people talk about how terrible the weather is here and how much it shifts in a short time… definitely the case today. We woke up adn it was clear for the first time all week. Beautiful day. We could see a crazy storm out on the sea, but thought it was moving out… nope. about an hour later, it was like a blizzard outside. Then, when we at lunch it was sunny and nice again, so we went out to find the place to pay our bills. As soon as we walked out the door it started snowing/hailing again and it HURT! Then about 20 minutes later, sunny again, so we went to the mall. While we were there, the bottom fell out. This is the pattern for the day. Bleh. So ready for spring!!!

See the storm out there with the normal sky above us.... so weird. But I guess that's the new normal.

We also finally got pictures printed and on the wllas this week! Yeah! It’s starting to look like a home in here. We’re still working on baby room furniture since Ikea discontinued the line we wanted (and I’m not happy about it). We’ll try to get pictures of the apartment up soon.

22 Weeks

Can you believe it? 22 weeks… I feel like the pregnancy is going soooo fast! He’s kicking tons and Josh is able to feel it (and see him move) now! How fun is that?

We spent last weekend in¬†the mountains with some friends for a retreat of sorts and had some free time in the afternoon. Josh and I tried to go walking and quickly determined there was waaaaay too much mud for that, so we borrowed snow shoes from the owners and went trapsing through the woods! It was amazing. It’s so hard to find places here to hike or play outside. No one does the whole outdoor sports thing.

Anyway, we did have a good time… but both kind of feel like it wasn’t worth the 12 hours in the car to get there and back. I’m actually starting to feel pregnant and sitting in a car without reclining seats was not my idea of comfortable. If we go back it will definitely be for more than 2 nights.

So, I’m starting to feel pregnant. I knew before we were expecting that my back is terrible and it’s starting to be achy if I sit too long. Even more motivation to stay active! And I’m having to figure out new ways to sleep since I’m a stomach sleeper and can’t quite do that anymore (which is a new development… somehow I made it 21 weeks without having to change too much). Things have been so crazy lately, I’ve not been working out as consistently as I wanted to, but when we’re actually home and not busy. We still haven’t bought batteries for the scale (which is driving me crazy!), but I think I’m on track. I can tell my clothes are getting a bit tighter, but I tried on my maternity clothes this week because I really wanted to wear them and they’re still too big. I think this bump needs to grow for a few more weeks before they look like they’re swallowing me. And I’m still the strangest pregnant lady ever… no cravings or aversions. Which is kind of a blessing, honestly.

Our living situation is kind of up in the air (still), so we’ve not actually bought anything for the baby other than a onesie. I’m so ready to get all his furniture and get his room set up! Maybe soon. We’ll post pictures when we do!

21 Weeks, Military Police and Snow

How’s that for a random assortment of topics? I think I’ll go in reverse order.

The snow will not go away!!!!!!! We had to go back to our old city for a doctor appointment last week and got delayed going because there was a huge storm that came through and dumped 20ish inches there. Then, while we were there it snowed some more…. then as we were leaving it was snowing so bad we turned around and stayed one more night. It’s definitely been about 2 months of snow. Not here and there, but just constant never melting snow. At least our new city is on the coast, so it’s not white everywhere here. But if you drive 20 minutes in, you hit the snow again. Gross. I never thought I’d be sick of snow, but it has happened. For sure.

This was the view from our window the morning we left... the better weather day, believe it or not.

This is what I got to look at the whole way back today. It is beautiful, yes, but I'm so ready for flowers and leaves and springtime!

This is when I was really, really glad Josh grew up where he did. It doesn't look that bad, but then we'd hit crazy snow drifs that covered the whole road. And... there is a mountain right in front of us here, but you can't see it because it was snowing so hard.


So, as we’re driving in our van with plates from a city out east (where things are a bit more dicey), we get flagged down by the military police. Usually, we avoid them if at all possible. But, he’s flagging us down! What are we supposed to do?!?!?! So, I am just trying to stay calm and Josh pulls over and (I learned later) couldn’t think his heart was beating so fast. We roll the window down and the guy says, “Are you tourists?” We replied that we’re not, we actually live here. So, he calls his friends over and is like, “Oh, my friends here need to get to the next town, can you take them?” Phew. Josh jumped out and cleared our junk out of the seat for the guys to ride with us and off we went…

And, the whole reason for our travels this weekend was the doctor visit! We got to see our cute boy again and check up on him. He’s doing great and, again, moved around the WHOLE time we were there. At this point, all his organs are developed so our doctor did the detailed ultrasound to check on everything and he’s totally healthy. Thank you, Lord! And apparently my weight gain is exactly where it should be… she said I’ve only gained what the baby, fluid and other baby related things should weigh. Nothing extra for me so far. I think I’m up 10 or 11 pounds? But I’m definitely starting to show! We’ll have a pic next week!

Because it’s important to check his organs, the doctor also wanted us to go to another lab and get another detailed sonogram to check things again. She very kindly agreed to call and make the appointment for us to get us squeezed in before we needed to head back home.

So, yesterday morning we drove to the crazy part of town for the appointment in the mostrosity of a van that we have to drive for a few weeks. We made a few loops, drove by about 10 parking lots and all the street spots and could not find a spot or garage that could take the beast. We were afraid I was going to be late, so Josh just dropped me off and was planning to come in once he parked. Which never happened. He totally drove around the entire 45 minutes I was in there looking for somewhere to park the ridiculous van.

But, he didn’t miss much. The ultrasound wasn’t even as good as the one the doctor normally does becuase the tech was just rude. Not my favorite u/s for sure. She even used the ultrasound want to hit my stomach trying to get the baby to move three times. Ugh. Apparently he didn’t like her either since he was calm and still for once (and started kicking again as soon as I left).

So, no belly shot this week because we weren’t home and didn’t think about it. But, we do have pictures of our little man.

His cute little face (with a little cord in the way). It took her 4 tries with the 4D to get a shot of his face.

And this is why it took so many shots. She would find his face and turn on the 4D... and as soon as she did his foot or his hand or something would flip into view in front of his face. I guess he was camera shy. And, again, definitely going to be a soccer player like his Daddy.

And that’s the weekend.