20 (and a half) Weeks

Well, last week was definitely not what we expected. Probably the most roller-coaster week we’ve had here, mostly with the falling sensation, not a lot of climbing. Anyway, we’re halfway!!! It’s hard to believe that in less than 20 weeks (hopefully) we’ll be meeting our sweet baby boy. Crazy!

The shadow makes it look funny, but I promise my belly is bigger. I keep asking everyone if they can tell that I’m pregnant and most people still say no. Ugh, soon!! I can definitely tell, anyway. Especially when I do hamstring presses… like this morning, when he was totally all balled up on one side. Hilarious. I’m still feeling great and not really having any cravings or aversions, which everyone thinks is weird. But, maybe I’m just so picky to begin with that it doesn’t matter. Or maybe it’s that we have no options here other than national food, so it wouldn’t matter if I had cravings because we wouldn’t find what I wanted. Our batteries in the scale died and I have no idea where my weight gain is this week. I’m still in my normal clothes, but I can tell some of them are getting tighter.

We are in our new place, too. But we have no pictures because it’s still pretty crazy looking. There are a few things we need to buy/hang, but with not knowing how long we’ll be here, we don’t want to put holes in the walls or spend money on things we’ll only be able to use for a month. So, maybe later this week we’ll get some pictures up of the craziness just to give you an idea of what it sort of looks like. We totally love this apartment and our neighbors and really, really don’t want to leave. But, the waiting game continues.



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