19 Weeks

Well, we’ve still not moved…. so at least I have internet to post today!

He’s definitely getting bigger… or maybe just I’m getting bigger from eating out ALL week because we packed up the kitchen in anticipation of the move. Oh well. It still just kind of looks like maybe I’ve got a little extra weight around the middle, not really like I’m pregnant yet. I feel him kicking a lot more now and when I was working out earlier this week I saw him move from one side of my belly to the other – that was awesome. I think I’ve gained around 3 kilos (6.6 pounds-ish), but I’m still in my normal clothes. I do have a few pairs of pants that are more comfortable with the rubber band trick, but in general they all still fit. I also feel like a bum this week because, in addition to packing up our kitchen, we also packed up the rug, dvd player, and all my workout stuff… so not as much exercise and I think it’s making me more tired.

Seriously, I just want to move already! Our new landlord has called twice this week to ask when we’re coming and we keep having to explain why it’s taking longer than we thought. Bleh. And our old landlord is being a jerk about stuff, which makes us even more ready to move. Anyway, soon enough we’ll be away from the snow and in our new apartment and we’ll be sure to post pictures for everyone! Until then…


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