17 Weeks

At some point during this 40 week stretch, I’ll post on time. Since the weather actually heated up to a balmy 40 this weekend, we actually got to spend time exploring again and I honestly just didn’t feel like blogging when we got in.

So, 17 weeks was this past Friday and I think I finally have a belly. We went to the city center yesterday to walk around for a while and when I went to try something on I looked in the mirror and, whoa, there’s a belly for sure. But I think it looked bigger because we’d been walking around for about 3 hours at that point. And, while we were walking down the street talking, this cute kid who was probably 5 or 6 whipped his head around and had a surprised look on his face. He said, Oooooh and looked at his dad and said, they’re speaking english! Ha. In the year that we’ve been here, that’s never happened and it wouldn’t have been noticeable if the kid wasn’t so little and cute. Anyway, there’s also a new frozen yogurt stand in our favorite mall! It’s not as yummy as TCBY for sure, but it beats the ice cream here for the most part.

Moving on…

It doesn’t look that big in the picture, but to me it feels like it’s bigger than that. At least you can still tell I have abs in there somewhere at this point. I still don’t have any cravings, really. But random things that used to not always be appetizing are sounding good – like the mixed fruit juice that used to taste disgusting and is now my favorite.

I had a lot more energy this week, which was awesome. I actually worked out almost every day and we spent time walking around a lot more. I think I’ve gained about 2 poungs (1 kilo) so far. And I can feel him kick! Not a lot and not as strong as I know it’ll get soon, but I can feel it which I love! And that’s the update for the week 🙂


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