It’s a Heat Wave!

It actually broke freezing today, so to celebrate, we went on a walk around the neighborhood! Not that it was warm… the high was still below 40. Sadly, though, it totally felt warmer to us. So, in honor of getting out of the house, here’s a mundane rundown of the day.

We woke up (late, because we can) and I was a bum and watched a few episodes of Gilmore Girls, Season 7… the blue discs. Then, we realized we had NO food in the house for lunch, so we went to one of the billion malls in town to look around and eat lunch. While we were there, Josh totally spoiled me. First, I got to get Lindt truffles… 85% dark (not the blue box, those aren’t as good). Then we went to Gap and the scarf I wanted allllll season was on sale for way cheaper than we expected so he let me buy it. It’s super soft and purple plaid with blue in it. Then, I really, really wanted a blueberry bagel (which I’ve been wanting since we were in Prague and saw them), but the restaurant that sells bagels didn’t have any, so I settled for whole wheat. Probably healthier, anyway. After killing time at the mall, we came home and Josh had a few errands to run around the neighborhood. We went to the bank, the school supply store (Josh wanted a new blue pen), and the pharmacy. They didn’t have what I needed, so I asked when they could get it if they ordered because we’re moving soon. The guy looked at me like I was crazy, made a phone call and said, 6 o’clock. Oh, ok…. not like America where it takes a week! So nice. We only had an hour before we could pick it up, so we just walked around the neighborhood while we waited and it was totally the first time all week I’ve been outside and my fingers weren’t blue by the time we came back in.

And now we’re in for the evening. Today I’m 17 weeks, but I didn’t take a picture this morning since I was a lazy bum. Instead I’ll share a few from a gathering we had earlier this week. We made a cake….

and colored the inside to announce that we’re having…….

A BOY!!!!!


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