Some Helpful Advice

I’m not showing much yet, so I know this will get more expansive as people can see my belly more… but I forgot to put all this in the 20 weeks update.

1. Don’t drink cold drinks, they make the baby uncomfortable.

2. Don’t wear jeans or any clothes that do not have an elastic waistband.

3. Don’t pick up anything more than 5 pounds.

4. No vaccuuming or cleaning, you’ll get over-exerted and it’s bad for the baby.

I think the first is my favorite. Seriously…. what do you say to that? I’m totally going to keep a list as things are said!


20 (and a half) Weeks

Well, last week was definitely not what we expected. Probably the most roller-coaster week we’ve had here, mostly with the falling sensation, not a lot of climbing. Anyway, we’re halfway!!! It’s hard to believe that in less than 20 weeks (hopefully) we’ll be meeting our sweet baby boy. Crazy!

The shadow makes it look funny, but I promise my belly is bigger. I keep asking everyone if they can tell that I’m pregnant and most people still say no. Ugh, soon!! I can definitely tell, anyway. Especially when I do hamstring presses… like this morning, when he was totally all balled up on one side. Hilarious. I’m still feeling great and not really having any cravings or aversions, which everyone thinks is weird. But, maybe I’m just so picky to begin with that it doesn’t matter. Or maybe it’s that we have no options here other than national food, so it wouldn’t matter if I had cravings because we wouldn’t find what I wanted. Our batteries in the scale died and I have no idea where my weight gain is this week. I’m still in my normal clothes, but I can tell some of them are getting tighter.

We are in our new place, too. But we have no pictures because it’s still pretty crazy looking. There are a few things we need to buy/hang, but with not knowing how long we’ll be here, we don’t want to put holes in the walls or spend money on things we’ll only be able to use for a month. So, maybe later this week we’ll get some pictures up of the craziness just to give you an idea of what it sort of looks like. We totally love this apartment and our neighbors and really, really don’t want to leave. But, the waiting game continues.


19 Weeks

Well, we’ve still not moved…. so at least I have internet to post today!

He’s definitely getting bigger… or maybe just I’m getting bigger from eating out ALL week because we packed up the kitchen in anticipation of the move. Oh well. It still just kind of looks like maybe I’ve got a little extra weight around the middle, not really like I’m pregnant yet. I feel him kicking a lot more now and when I was working out earlier this week I saw him move from one side of my belly to the other – that was awesome. I think I’ve gained around 3 kilos (6.6 pounds-ish), but I’m still in my normal clothes. I do have a few pairs of pants that are more comfortable with the rubber band trick, but in general they all still fit. I also feel like a bum this week because, in addition to packing up our kitchen, we also packed up the rug, dvd player, and all my workout stuff… so not as much exercise and I think it’s making me more tired.

Seriously, I just want to move already! Our new landlord has called twice this week to ask when we’re coming and we keep having to explain why it’s taking longer than we thought. Bleh. And our old landlord is being a jerk about stuff, which makes us even more ready to move. Anyway, soon enough we’ll be away from the snow and in our new apartment and we’ll be sure to post pictures for everyone! Until then…

18 Weeks…. and no photo.

Um, this past week was a little crazy. We weren’t even home on Friday to do the normal picture, nor were we home on Saturday to take the pic a day late. Then on Sunday we had to get up and out earlier than usual and now we’re halfway through the week and might as well just wait for 19 weeks.

Last week we FINALLY went to our new city to find an apartment. We naively assumed it we could go up on Tuesday, find an apartment on Wednesday, and return on Thursday to pack up. Maybe in America that would work…. but certainly not here. We looked on Wednesday, then again on Thursday and by the end of the day we had seen every available apartment and I felt like Goldilocks. This one was too big, this one was too small, this one was too expensive, this one was too far away. And we had to pick one. No choice. So, by the end of the day I was so stressed I was crying and really just wanted to just come back to our city and go back up in a week or two to try again. Only, it’s not like that would be any help because by a week later, there would be even less for rent. So, we called and got some advice about the situation and talked A LOT to our friends there (in the local language, which was kind of challenging). In the end, after 3 days of stress and tears, we rented the one that was too expensive, but the landlord dropped the rent to an acceptable rate! We kind of thought we were going to chat about it, but everyone was talking so fast in the local language that we couldn’t entirely follow the conversation and all the sudden, they were asking Josh to sign the rental agreement. So, we just went with it. Then, we were so ready to come back and start packing… but the roads were snowy once you got 10 minutes in from the coast and apparently the neighborhood roads here were closed because they were so bad, so we stayed one more night before we got to come back to pack.

As stressful as it was renting the apartment by ourselves and as much as we really, really wanted someone with us who could speak both our language and the local language well, it actually turned out to be pretty beneficial to do all of it on our own. We got tooooons of practice speaking, made new friends at the realtor’s office (her daughter is also expecting), the cell phone place (some guy who lived in LA… go figure) and then our neighbor/landlord who is super excited to be my turkish cuisine teacher. And it gave us a few extra days to spend time with some folks at the church who will pretty much be our family when we get there. There are a few med students from various countries in Africa who just moved to the city to study and it was kind of funny to be the translators instead of the ones in need of translation.

Now we’re back and packing and just wanting to be there and settled. We’re also not wanting to use dishes/pots/pans a whole lot because then we have to pack up the kitchen last minute which isn’t so fun, so I’m really, really ready to be moved and settled so we can cook and eat healthier again. Eating out is not so fun when you have to do it all the time. And maybe it’ll be warmer there and we’ll actually be able to walk/run outside again! It’s just too cold here and the trail we run on is still covered in ice. Gross.

Apologies for no pictures. Hopefully we’ll get some up this weekend!

17 Weeks

At some point during this 40 week stretch, I’ll post on time. Since the weather actually heated up to a balmy 40 this weekend, we actually got to spend time exploring again and I honestly just didn’t feel like blogging when we got in.

So, 17 weeks was this past Friday and I think I finally have a belly. We went to the city center yesterday to walk around for a while and when I went to try something on I looked in the mirror and, whoa, there’s a belly for sure. But I think it looked bigger because we’d been walking around for about 3 hours at that point. And, while we were walking down the street talking, this cute kid who was probably 5 or 6 whipped his head around and had a surprised look on his face. He said, Oooooh and looked at his dad and said, they’re speaking english! Ha. In the year that we’ve been here, that’s never happened and it wouldn’t have been noticeable if the kid wasn’t so little and cute. Anyway, there’s also a new frozen yogurt stand in our favorite mall! It’s not as yummy as TCBY for sure, but it beats the ice cream here for the most part.

Moving on…

It doesn’t look that big in the picture, but to me it feels like it’s bigger than that. At least you can still tell I have abs in there somewhere at this point. I still don’t have any cravings, really. But random things that used to not always be appetizing are sounding good – like the mixed fruit juice that used to taste disgusting and is now my favorite.

I had a lot more energy this week, which was awesome. I actually worked out almost every day and we spent time walking around a lot more. I think I’ve gained about 2 poungs (1 kilo) so far. And I can feel him kick! Not a lot and not as strong as I know it’ll get soon, but I can feel it which I love! And that’s the update for the week 🙂

It’s a Heat Wave!

It actually broke freezing today, so to celebrate, we went on a walk around the neighborhood! Not that it was warm… the high was still below 40. Sadly, though, it totally felt warmer to us. So, in honor of getting out of the house, here’s a mundane rundown of the day.

We woke up (late, because we can) and I was a bum and watched a few episodes of Gilmore Girls, Season 7… the blue discs. Then, we realized we had NO food in the house for lunch, so we went to one of the billion malls in town to look around and eat lunch. While we were there, Josh totally spoiled me. First, I got to get Lindt truffles… 85% dark (not the blue box, those aren’t as good). Then we went to Gap and the scarf I wanted allllll season was on sale for way cheaper than we expected so he let me buy it. It’s super soft and purple plaid with blue in it. Then, I really, really wanted a blueberry bagel (which I’ve been wanting since we were in Prague and saw them), but the restaurant that sells bagels didn’t have any, so I settled for whole wheat. Probably healthier, anyway. After killing time at the mall, we came home and Josh had a few errands to run around the neighborhood. We went to the bank, the school supply store (Josh wanted a new blue pen), and the pharmacy. They didn’t have what I needed, so I asked when they could get it if they ordered because we’re moving soon. The guy looked at me like I was crazy, made a phone call and said, 6 o’clock. Oh, ok…. not like America where it takes a week! So nice. We only had an hour before we could pick it up, so we just walked around the neighborhood while we waited and it was totally the first time all week I’ve been outside and my fingers weren’t blue by the time we came back in.

And now we’re in for the evening. Today I’m 17 weeks, but I didn’t take a picture this morning since I was a lazy bum. Instead I’ll share a few from a gathering we had earlier this week. We made a cake….

and colored the inside to announce that we’re having…….

A BOY!!!!!