Week 16: Boy or Girl?!?!?

Well, we were welcomed back to our lovely city with snow as we flew in last week… and it basically didn’t stop until yesterday. And for the upcoming week, today was the warmest day at -1C. It’s absolutely freezing! But, we did make it to the doctor yesterday, a day late, and it took a good 10 minutes just to get out of our parking spot thanks to the foot of snow around the tires. I am so sick of snow.

I’m assuming at this point that baby Sizemore is definitely going to be super active and our mexican jumping bean is going to have us running like crazy after July. The baby spent lots of time yesterday just jumping and flipping around like last time and, again, we got to watch baby move for a few minutes waiting on the doctor to have a chance to get a measurement. And no blood work this time – praise the Lord!








I definitely feel like my belly is bigger than this picture shows… but maybe I’m wrong. I know soon enough it’ll be much, much bigger and I won’t be able to fit into my normal clothes anymore, so I should really not complain.










No, it’s not twins. Just the same cute baby twice. We got videos this week (super short), but wordpress wouldn’t let me upload it. Oh well. These are still shots from the videos. You can see the profile on the left and sort of the hand and on the right you can see the foot up there in the top left… definitely a soccer player.

Now that the sinus infection has gone away, I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been sleeping better since we got back from Prague (where I didn’t sleep well at all) and I’ve actually been able to work out a few times this week! That’s an improvement. And my weight was off last week… I’ve only gained 1/2 a kilo (1 pound-ish). It helps if you weigh yourself at the same time of day!

Annnnnndddd, we found out the gender yesterday! But you know we can’t just tell you. So, we’re making everyone guess.


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