Weeks 13-15

So, we just returned home from Prague on Saturday night (which I’ll blog about later) and I have a sinus infection. Joy. And we’re a little behind on the weekly updates.

Please ignore the wet hair… I didn’t feel like drying it.

Apparently, I have a posture problem that I should work on :-/

It makes my belly look bigger than I actually think it is.

Well, at least the posture problem isn’t as bad in this one.

And please ignore my slightly swolen eyes… thank you sinuses.

I think so far I’ve only gained about 1.5 kilos, but I’m also pretty sure that most of that is a result of all the eating I did in Prague. Bacon, cheddar, real pepperoni on pizza, cherry coke… can you blame me? I didn’t eat junk food the entire time, but the things I missed the most were definitely things that were not good for me. And we had to eat out for dinner every day for 2 weeks. Bleh. Not my favorite thing to do.

I was, however, craving a pizza sub from Subway for about 2 months and praise the Lord, they had Subway in Prague with all the exact same things. It was amazing. Other than that, I’m not sure I’m really ‘craving’ anything. I could pretty much go for ice cream any time of day, but I just like it and it’s mostly locked up around here, so I think the only reason I want it is becuase it’s hard to find.

Despite what it may seem given what I ate in Prague, I really want to be as healthy as possible during this pregnancy. I took workout dvds to Prague and managed to find time to work out maybe 5 or 6 times while we were there. We also walked soooo much. And it was cold. Thus the sinus  infection. So far, I’m still in all my normal jeans, but I think it’s just because they were all kind of big in the waist anyway so I had some room to grow. And mom just sent a box full of maternity clothes, including belly bands, so I’m good to go!

We head back to the doctor on Friday and we’ll get to see our mexican jumping bean again!


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