First Year Favorites

Next Tuesday, January 10, marks the first anniversary of our arrival to our new home. It seems pretty crazy that it’s arleady been a year (almost). Since we’ll ironically not be home for the anniversary, we thought we’d post a bit early before we fly out for a few weeks. So, without further ado, our favorite memoreis from the last year kind of in chronological order.

1. The Roman Cisterns in Istanbul. I don’t know why it was so cool and the whole tour is over in all of 15 minutes, but we loooved it.

2. Two words: Krispy Kreme. And now I want another one… too bad it’s only in Istanbul. Which, in all honesty, is probably a really good thing.

3. Meeting this guy…. who we actually met one of our first weeks here, but didn’t start hanging out with until later. He has been such a help to both of us, especially Josh, and has definitely taught us a ton about culture here. We are definitely going to miss him (and his family) when we move.

4. Our first package! Definitely before the silly no food rule that I think has since been abandoned…. since everyone and their brother got into a fight with the post office workers 🙂 But, packages are AWESOME and always improve a bad day.

5. Our first trip to what will be our new home in a month (ish). It was our first time out of the city and all the smog and nastiness. Sooo great to breath in fresh air and feel the warm ocean breeze. And there are trees!! Lots of trees.

6. Climbing in really scary tunnels/caves where the head lamp was necessary due to the absence of any light. Yes, we’re crazy like that. It’s so weird to think that people really lived in these caves. And they were there until about 50 years ago.










7. Henna Night… during the day….. at school. Hilarious. Yet culturally informative. And I know you can barely see her, but under the tv in the darker shirt is our teacher. She definitely deserves a shout out on the favorite things list! She put up with us for 8 months and we had so much fun learning from her!

8. Summer! I am generally not a summer person. I didn’t like the heat, I didn’t like to sweat, I really missed ice in my drinks. But, summer here is way better than winter. People are out everywhere and there is so much to do. And, to be honest, this summer only had about 2 weeks that would qualify as hot, so it wasn’t even that bad 🙂

9.   Getting to see the Miss. Carrot Festival competition. We took a field trip to a near by village where they happen to be known for their carrots. Apparently being Miss. Carrot Festival is a big honor.

10. Finally, after 9 months in the country, going to the most important national monument!! And we just so happened to be there just in time to watch the changing of the guards. Military service for guys here is mandatory and every one of the guards chosen for duty at the monument were almost exactly the same size. Pretty neat. And…. the majority of people obviously followed the action much more closely than we did.

11. For Josh…. traveling the black sea coast was definitely a highlight. I, on the other hand, am still bitter about the fact that it was a guys only trip. Lame.

12. Being back in the mountains!! Even though it was a really short trip and we spent the majority of our time inside in meetings, it was still soooooo great to be in the mountains again! It definitely reminded us both of home.

13. And finally, probably our favorite memory from the year, finding out we’re going to be parents 🙂 As soon as we returned from the afore mentioned trip to the mountains we found out and have been waiting until the first trimester was over to tell everyone (appropariate that it’s number 13 as I’m 13 weeks today)!! Baby Sizemore will make his/her appearance sometime in mid-July.


6 thoughts on “First Year Favorites

  1. Mid July is the BEST time to be born. All of the Lewis clan have July birthdays!!! Congratulations!!! We are so excited for you guys.

  2. Congratulations!!! I might just cry. Oh what fun awaits you both now. Do not let one moment go by unnoticed!!!!

  3. Woo-hoo! That is so awesome! I’m so excited for you and know Drew will be too once I tell him. 🙂 I do, however, think that seeing us should have been #14. 🙂 Love you guys!

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