Happy New Year!

Well, I feel like summer just ended and it’s already 2012! What happened to autumn? Apparently my blog missed out on autumn (and winter)… apologies for that. One of my goals for 2012 is to more regularly update the blog and tell stories of life here and funny thiings that happen, pictures of life.

For today, since we’re relaxing at home on this rainy new year’s day and we spent almost the entire last week bunkered down in our apartment finishing work for modulars… I’ll share a short story from last month.

Doctor’s visits here are not my favorite. Not that my doctor isn’t great (she speaks perfect english), but I hated the doctor in America… and that didn’t change any coming overseas. There are a few perks here, like we rarely wait to see the doctor and she totally gives patients her cell phone to call her off hours. That was a VERY nice thing to have when the stomach flu hit and we knew the names of NO medicines here. Anyway, I digress. So, about a month ago I had a normal appointment, called and managed to get through the conversation with the secretary/nurse in completely the local language and was good to go. Only, I didn’t write down the time. I thought I told Josh and he put it in his iPod, so the week of the appointment, I asked him and he said, “Oh, it’s at 11:30.” I was pretty sure that wasn’t right, so I asked him to check his iPod and he said my appointment was at 1pm. So, on the day of the appointment we eat an early lunch and head out the door to make sure I get there on time. Walk in, sit down, start reading a magazine… and the secretary comes up and says, “Um, we had you down for 2:30 today.” Um, seriously? Hm, ok. She assures me it’s no big deal and they can see me early if I want to hang around. No thanks, I’m embarrased enough already. So, luckily, the doctor’s office is in this awesome part of town with lots of shops and such, so Josh and I just walked around for a while and I went back on time, at 2:30.

If only we could blame this one on language.

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