Week 16: Boy or Girl?!?!?

Well, we were welcomed back to our lovely city with snow as we flew in last week… and it basically didn’t stop until yesterday. And for the upcoming week, today was the warmest day at -1C. It’s absolutely freezing! But, we did make it to the doctor yesterday, a day late, and it took a good 10 minutes just to get out of our parking spot thanks to the foot of snow around the tires. I am so sick of snow.

I’m assuming at this point that baby Sizemore is definitely going to be super active and our mexican jumping bean is going to have us running like crazy after July. The baby spent lots of time yesterday just jumping and flipping around like last time and, again, we got to watch baby move for a few minutes waiting on the doctor to have a chance to get a measurement. And no blood work this time – praise the Lord!








I definitely feel like my belly is bigger than this picture shows… but maybe I’m wrong. I know soon enough it’ll be much, much bigger and I won’t be able to fit into my normal clothes anymore, so I should really not complain.










No, it’s not twins. Just the same cute baby twice. We got videos this week (super short), but wordpress wouldn’t let me upload it. Oh well. These are still shots from the videos. You can see the profile on the left and sort of the hand and on the right you can see the foot up there in the top left… definitely a soccer player.

Now that the sinus infection has gone away, I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been sleeping better since we got back from Prague (where I didn’t sleep well at all) and I’ve actually been able to work out a few times this week! That’s an improvement. And my weight was off last week… I’ve only gained 1/2 a kilo (1 pound-ish). It helps if you weigh yourself at the same time of day!

Annnnnndddd, we found out the gender yesterday! But you know we can’t just tell you. So, we’re making everyone guess.


Prague (in Pictures)

So we went to Prague. And it was cold. And it was beautiful. And we want to go back. We spent every day until 4 or 5 at the hotel in class, which was actually really great. We had tons of discussion about tough issues, which was really helpful considering all the questions that have come up/will come up while we’re living overseas. The first week, we were pretty busy at night with planned stuff like dinner with the school president and his wife and movie night for the women, etc. But the weekend in the middle and the second week we had tons of time to get out and explore. Prague has a free tour of the historic part of the city that we took advantage of. And, it’s a pretty easy city to navigate, so we just spent lots of time walking around taking pictures of all the pretty buildings and such. All that walking in the cold did land me with a sinus infection, but I’m feeling better now that we’re home and the doctor gave me medicine that’s safe for the baby. So all in all, it was a great trip! We decided we could live there.

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Weeks 13-15

So, we just returned home from Prague on Saturday night (which I’ll blog about later) and I have a sinus infection. Joy. And we’re a little behind on the weekly updates.

Please ignore the wet hair… I didn’t feel like drying it.

Apparently, I have a posture problem that I should work on :-/

It makes my belly look bigger than I actually think it is.

Well, at least the posture problem isn’t as bad in this one.

And please ignore my slightly swolen eyes… thank you sinuses.

I think so far I’ve only gained about 1.5 kilos, but I’m also pretty sure that most of that is a result of all the eating I did in Prague. Bacon, cheddar, real pepperoni on pizza, cherry coke… can you blame me? I didn’t eat junk food the entire time, but the things I missed the most were definitely things that were not good for me. And we had to eat out for dinner every day for 2 weeks. Bleh. Not my favorite thing to do.

I was, however, craving a pizza sub from Subway for about 2 months and praise the Lord, they had Subway in Prague with all the exact same things. It was amazing. Other than that, I’m not sure I’m really ‘craving’ anything. I could pretty much go for ice cream any time of day, but I just like it and it’s mostly locked up around here, so I think the only reason I want it is becuase it’s hard to find.

Despite what it may seem given what I ate in Prague, I really want to be as healthy as possible during this pregnancy. I took workout dvds to Prague and managed to find time to work out maybe 5 or 6 times while we were there. We also walked soooo much. And it was cold. Thus the sinus  infection. So far, I’m still in all my normal jeans, but I think it’s just because they were all kind of big in the waist anyway so I had some room to grow. And mom just sent a box full of maternity clothes, including belly bands, so I’m good to go!

We head back to the doctor on Friday and we’ll get to see our mexican jumping bean again!

First Year Favorites

Next Tuesday, January 10, marks the first anniversary of our arrival to our new home. It seems pretty crazy that it’s arleady been a year (almost). Since we’ll ironically not be home for the anniversary, we thought we’d post a bit early before we fly out for a few weeks. So, without further ado, our favorite memoreis from the last year kind of in chronological order.

1. The Roman Cisterns in Istanbul. I don’t know why it was so cool and the whole tour is over in all of 15 minutes, but we loooved it.

2. Two words: Krispy Kreme. And now I want another one… too bad it’s only in Istanbul. Which, in all honesty, is probably a really good thing.

3. Meeting this guy…. who we actually met one of our first weeks here, but didn’t start hanging out with until later. He has been such a help to both of us, especially Josh, and has definitely taught us a ton about culture here. We are definitely going to miss him (and his family) when we move.

4. Our first package! Definitely before the silly no food rule that I think has since been abandoned…. since everyone and their brother got into a fight with the post office workers 🙂 But, packages are AWESOME and always improve a bad day.

5. Our first trip to what will be our new home in a month (ish). It was our first time out of the city and all the smog and nastiness. Sooo great to breath in fresh air and feel the warm ocean breeze. And there are trees!! Lots of trees.

6. Climbing in really scary tunnels/caves where the head lamp was necessary due to the absence of any light. Yes, we’re crazy like that. It’s so weird to think that people really lived in these caves. And they were there until about 50 years ago.










7. Henna Night… during the day….. at school. Hilarious. Yet culturally informative. And I know you can barely see her, but under the tv in the darker shirt is our teacher. She definitely deserves a shout out on the favorite things list! She put up with us for 8 months and we had so much fun learning from her!

8. Summer! I am generally not a summer person. I didn’t like the heat, I didn’t like to sweat, I really missed ice in my drinks. But, summer here is way better than winter. People are out everywhere and there is so much to do. And, to be honest, this summer only had about 2 weeks that would qualify as hot, so it wasn’t even that bad 🙂

9.   Getting to see the Miss. Carrot Festival competition. We took a field trip to a near by village where they happen to be known for their carrots. Apparently being Miss. Carrot Festival is a big honor.

10. Finally, after 9 months in the country, going to the most important national monument!! And we just so happened to be there just in time to watch the changing of the guards. Military service for guys here is mandatory and every one of the guards chosen for duty at the monument were almost exactly the same size. Pretty neat. And…. the majority of people obviously followed the action much more closely than we did.

11. For Josh…. traveling the black sea coast was definitely a highlight. I, on the other hand, am still bitter about the fact that it was a guys only trip. Lame.

12. Being back in the mountains!! Even though it was a really short trip and we spent the majority of our time inside in meetings, it was still soooooo great to be in the mountains again! It definitely reminded us both of home.

13. And finally, probably our favorite memory from the year, finding out we’re going to be parents 🙂 As soon as we returned from the afore mentioned trip to the mountains we found out and have been waiting until the first trimester was over to tell everyone (appropariate that it’s number 13 as I’m 13 weeks today)!! Baby Sizemore will make his/her appearance sometime in mid-July.

Happy New Year!

Well, I feel like summer just ended and it’s already 2012! What happened to autumn? Apparently my blog missed out on autumn (and winter)… apologies for that. One of my goals for 2012 is to more regularly update the blog and tell stories of life here and funny thiings that happen, pictures of life.

For today, since we’re relaxing at home on this rainy new year’s day and we spent almost the entire last week bunkered down in our apartment finishing work for modulars… I’ll share a short story from last month.

Doctor’s visits here are not my favorite. Not that my doctor isn’t great (she speaks perfect english), but I hated the doctor in America… and that didn’t change any coming overseas. There are a few perks here, like we rarely wait to see the doctor and she totally gives patients her cell phone to call her off hours. That was a VERY nice thing to have when the stomach flu hit and we knew the names of NO medicines here. Anyway, I digress. So, about a month ago I had a normal appointment, called and managed to get through the conversation with the secretary/nurse in completely the local language and was good to go. Only, I didn’t write down the time. I thought I told Josh and he put it in his iPod, so the week of the appointment, I asked him and he said, “Oh, it’s at 11:30.” I was pretty sure that wasn’t right, so I asked him to check his iPod and he said my appointment was at 1pm. So, on the day of the appointment we eat an early lunch and head out the door to make sure I get there on time. Walk in, sit down, start reading a magazine… and the secretary comes up and says, “Um, we had you down for 2:30 today.” Um, seriously? Hm, ok. She assures me it’s no big deal and they can see me early if I want to hang around. No thanks, I’m embarrased enough already. So, luckily, the doctor’s office is in this awesome part of town with lots of shops and such, so Josh and I just walked around for a while and I went back on time, at 2:30.

If only we could blame this one on language.