I recently joined a women’s center here in town to meet people and they offer gym-ish classes. Two days a week I take pilates and one day is just like an open gym time with the cardio and fitness equipment. Some observations:

1. Separate shoes for inside. (this I don’t mind)

2. You can’t run on the tredmills. It might make them break.

3. Ever heard of hot yoga? Where they have it at like 105 degrees? Well, here we do hot-lates…. it’s like a sauna in there!

4. The instructors are awesome, but make me feel like I’m in a USSR phys. ed class.

5. Bad, bad, bad music. It’s almost always in english and no one but me can understand the ridiculous amounts of cuss words.

6. On Tuesdays, I go at 12.45 and the call to prayer goes off halfway through class. No one budges.

7. It’s really more about laying on your mat relaxing than working out.

8. Apparently, you’re crazy if you get an appropirately sized fit ball. What are you thinking? That makes it hard!

9. Believe it or not, it’s actually a great place to make friends. Refer to number 7.

There are probably more, but that’s good for now. I only wish you could go with me and see for yourself how funny it is. Seriously.


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