Korkuyor musunuz?

Random things from the past few days:

– I had to get blood taken for an iron test. Apparently I looked pretty freaked out, because as soon as the nurses took me back one of them looked at me with a concerned face and said, “Are you scared?” Yeah, I was. I’ll admit it. It’s bad enough giving blood in the states when I know what to expect, but this was my first time doing such a thing here and I had no idea what to expect. Much to my delight, it was actually less painful than in the states (they make you hold your arm straight? maybe that’s it). No results yet…. tomorrow.

– One of my old fitness instructors from the states sent me some of her workouts that we used to do. Oh how I’ve missed those workouts! I did one on Tuesday night and it made my day! And I’m sore, which hasn’t happened frequetly enough here.

– We went to lunch at our favorite place after class yesterday and the girl at the drink counter said something like, I bet the boys look at you a lot because you have blonde hair. I was kind of caught off guard. All I could think to respond was, “But I’m married?”

– We found Merrell’s yesterday!!!! And I have been looking for summer hiking shoes since all I have are my hightops with gortex that don’t quite look right with capris. Merrell’s!!!!!! Yay. We totally didn’t know they had them here!

– We returned to Ikea today. Sad to say, it was still insanely crowded! But we were able to leisurely walk around and find what we needed. Oh! And we at lunch there. Sweedish meatballs and unlimited drinks! Oh it was glorious. And we got a nightstand for our guest room, which was pretty essential since Morgatron is coming next week 🙂

– It’s 9.30 and we’re just now eating dinner.

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