I’m a Bride

The past few days have been CRAZY! I don’t know why, but I feel like we’ve been way more busy this week than normal. Bleh. Monday I felt like I left the house at 9am and didn’t get home to relax again until 9pm. It was a good day, just long! After school, I was meeting up with some new friends so I didn’t want to come home and work out and then look gross so I decided to wait until after I got home. And then we ended up getting a late start, so I actually had like 2 hours of sitting at home but I wasn’t sure what time we were going so I didn’t feel like I could start anything because then I’d have to stop in the middle. Anyway. Moving on. I totally think my new friends are awesome! I didn’t understand half of what they said on Monday, but what’s new? I got the gist of everything 🙂 Maybe in 5 years I’ll understand it all.

So after hanging out I came home for 10 minutes then the Photographer and I went back out just to be out, really. So we just went to the mall down the street… but defintely didn’t feel like shopping or anything. We just walked the floors (which probably means we walked 2 miles! biggest mall I’ve ever been in), got sufficiently bored, then came home. Ha. It’s so weird to me, still, to not have a real schedule to follow. It definitely makes things harder. For example, by the time we were home and settled on Monday night I was way to tired to work out and we weren’t that hungry, so I had an apple for dinner. I miss being scheduled.

And then came Tuesday. I met a new friend (who is a friend of a friend) and understood more of the conversation than the previous day! Victory 🙂 Then went to a ladies lunch thing at a new restaurant. It was good, but pricey and not great so I’m not sure I’ll go back. It was, however, really close to the bagel shop (real American-like bagels!!!) so I made a pit stop on the way home! It’s the little things. Again, when I got home I was EXHAUSTED! So I took a catnap and then we went for a run at this awesome park nearby that actually has trees and trails! And once the sun starts to go down here the weather is so nice! We went out around 7ish and it was probably mid 70s out! I’m loving this no humidity thing.

Now on to today. I was a bride (again… still… always…). One of the fun cultural things here is the Henna Night for brides the night before the wedding and we kind of did this at school today. Because the Photographer and I are the youngest married couple or maybe the only married couple and because we think we’re the teacher’s pets, I was *chosen* to be the bride. So I got to dress up in traditional clothing and put a red scarf over my head and get henna-fied. It was kind of awkward simply because the Henna Night involves lots of dancing which I do not do in public. There was lots of “Bride, why aren’t you dancing? You just do this… and snap your fingers.” Yeah. But it was really fun! I hope we meet someone who is getting married or has a relative getting married so we can go to a real Henna Night!!

The only bummer of the event was that it’s pretty much a bride/women thing, so there was no fun outfit or dancing for the Photographer. I mean, it’s a good thing because he could do what he does and snap away with the camera, but I just felt like it would have been more fun if he had to dress up too!

To celebrate his bride, the Photographer took me to Disney.

I had you going, didn’t I? No, we didn’t go on a second honeymoon… we just went to lunch. And it was sooo good! And it only cost us a whopping $4.50, and a third of that was my soda. He spoils me.

He loves his Ayran. After lunch, we went to another mall to hang out and again, decided once we were there that we had no interest in being there. So, we came home, discovered we had no yeast to make the normal pizza dough, improvised with a new recipee and ate dinner. Woo, exciting. I was really tired (are we seeing a pattern? and no, I’m not pregnant), so I did the most lazy TurboKick ever… just to say I’d done something today. Ha.

I may or may not have a shopping date with friends tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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