Goat Ruins?

Welcome to the new blog! I should probably start with an intro post, but I’m not feeling it tonight. Instead, on to the real stuff…

Today, the Photographer and I got a (very) late start since he didn’t roll out of the bed until after 10. So, by the time we did laundry, dishes, vaccumed and got sufficiently bored, we set out to look for some new furniture items. Well, that was the plan, anyway. By the time we got there, neither of us were in the mood to shop or spend money, so we hopped on a bus to a new part of town that he recently discovered and went exploring. Now that our language is improving (ha), we figured out what the first part of the neighborhood name meant, but I had to look up the second part when we got home. Today, we explored Goat Ruins. Um, what? There were goats there, but they were new and made of metal. Weird. Moving on. There was a chair lift/cable car thing with an AMAZING view of the city, but the windows were all so tinted we couldn’t get pictures. And, they have a billion man made waterfall things that usually wouldn’t be so exciting except that we live in this 6 million person city with almost no nature. So, man made waterfalls beat concrete.

After the adventure in Goat Ruins we came home for our first attempt at tacos. I know tacos aren’t normally difficult to create, but we have no tortilla chips or taco shells or anything similar, so we made corn tortillas. Online it looked soooo simple! Corn flour and water, mix, griddle, done. If only. Those were the only steps, but it just seemed so much more difficult. Praise the Lord we had a taco seasoning mix from the states, so the meat was easy! Once everything was made, it actually tasted pretty good… I’m just not sure how often I’ll care to make the tortillas. Special occasions only.

Today is also day 1 of my attempts to be healthier. I think it’s probably my 50th day 1 since we have been overseas, but now I’m writing about it. Maybe that will help? We did eat pretty well today and we walked for probably 2 straight hours! So I feel pretty good. The weather has recently started getting nicer here, so we’ve started running again! After a freak 20 minute downpour (which isn’t really freakish anymore since it happens almost daily), we went up to the track in our neighborhood for an early evening stroll. The Photographer did some sprints (overacheiver) and I just ran. But, for the first time in probably a year, I ran 2 miles straight. Given the altitude difference and my lack of running for the past 6 months, I thought it was pretty good. And, of course, what outing would be complete with out everyone doing double takes of the blonde, pale skinned wonder 🙂 I should be used to it by now after 5.5 months of living here, but it still throws me. Or maybe I had a bug smashed on my face.


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